The Finance Business & Purpose Podcast

Are you ready to make more money on your own terms? Do you have a fire burning deep inside, dying to create a bigger impact?

Despite what you’ve been told, it’s possible to BOTH thrive financially and make a difference.

As a Financial Empowerment Strategist, Business Impact Consultant, Immigration Attorney, and Accredited Financial Counselor®, your host Adina Appelbaum, Esq., is here to help you learn how to build wealth, start a business, and create a greater impact.

Join us to learn inspiring financial empowerment strategies, listen to impactful business stories, and get crystal clear on your purpose so that together we can build a more welcoming world.

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About the Show

The Finance Business & Purpose Podcast dives deep into finance and business strategies for immigrants and entrepreneurial hearts.

Formerly called the Immigrant Finance Podcast, the Finance Business & Purpose Podcast was started in 2020 with the goal of spreading financial education for the immigrant community. The show expanded in 2023 to cover additional topics including social impact through business and financial, business, and purpose clarity strategies for new entrepreneurs.

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