Financial empowerment strategies for immigrants & heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs

We help you break free from societal barriers through financial, business, mindset, and leadership training so that, together, we can build a more welcoming world. 

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About Us

With backgrounds spanning law, finance, entrepreneurship, and human resources, we’re here to help guide you through the complexities of building strong finances and an impactful business.

Our journey, marked by the challenges immigrants face in the financial system and six years of online business entrepreneurship, has instilled in us practical financial, business, and strategic planning skills  to help you turn the big vision you have for you, your family, and your community into reality.

We envision a more welcoming world — one where societal barriers are dismantled and opportunities are accessible to all. Join us as we embark on this mission together, empowering you to shape the future and build a more inclusive and prosperous world.

Learn more about our financial empowerment journey, which led to the creation of International Empowerment® and IMMIGRANT FINANCE®here.
Adina Appelbaum and Mauricio Castillo Ferri

Adina Appelbaum, Esq., J.D., M.P.P., Co-Founder
Immigration attorney, Financial Empowerment Strategist, Accredited Financial Counselor®

Mauricio Castillo Ferri, M.A., SHRM-CP, Co-Founder
Human Resources and Operations Expert, Proud Immigrant

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