Other State Registration & Insurance Requirements

Other State Registration Documents

Check with your state business entity to determine whether other documents need to be filed depending on state. We also recommend doing a google search with the search term “[name of your state] LLC registration” to get lists broken down of the filing requirements for your particular state (there are several websites that provide guides per state). For example, depending on your state, you may need to file:

  • Business licenses (you may need to obtain one with the state, county, and city)
  • Professional licenses, depending on your occupation
  • Registration with the state’s tax entity for business and occupation taxes on gross business income, including registration for collecting state sales tax if you are selling goods
  • A partnership agreement
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Other incorporation documents

Insurance Requirements

Determine if there are additional business requirements in your state such as unemployment insurance or workmen’s compensation insurance. In some states a business with no employees or one employee does not need to pay them.