Getting a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

EIN Application

  • It is free to register for an EIN here on the IRS website Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm. On the website, eligible EIN applicants receive their EIN immediately after submitting their form on the website.
  • If applying by mail, submit to Internal Revenue Service, Attn: EIN Operation, Cincinnati, OH 45999. Applications sent by mail or fax can take 4 weeks to process.
  • If you are submitting by fax, send your EIN application to fax number (855) 641-6935.
  • Submit Form SS-4 (below as well – note: always google the form to find it on the IRS website and check the “Rev.” (revised) date on the bottom right corner to make sure you are using the latest version)
  • SS-4 Instructions (attached below as well)
  • Once you have your EIN you will be able to open a business bank account, Paypal Business (which can be used for payment plans), a business credit card, etc.

Finding Your EIN#

  • You can find your EIN on the EIN confirmation letter the IRS sends after your EIN application is granted
  • Make sure to save the number somewhere you can easily find it, for example in a google doc of your business passwords

Form SS-4

  • Here is Form SS-4
  • Here is a sample of Form SS-4
  • Here are the instructions for Form SS-4
  • Here is a sample of the EIN Registration Confirmation you will get from the IRS