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Most online entrepreneurs and business coaches focus super hard on making as much money as possible, no matter the stuckness, burnout, or lack of meaning that increasingly takes over their lives.

For more and more people, however, at a certain point, working hard for more money alone just isn’t enough.

  • You likely started your business feeling inspired, with endless, heart-racing energy to build something that would make the world a little better. 


  • But then, reality hit. You increasingly felt you had to focus primarily on making more money. To pay the bills. To support family. To prove wrong the naysayers. To not fail. To not let yourself down.


  • Over time, you slowly started to loose connection to the core meaning and personal purpose that led you to start your business in the first place. It’s started to become harder to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning. You’ve started feeling sleazy and insecure when trying to be visible online or do sales activities, even if you know deep down your offerings transforms people’s lives. Fear of judgment and burnout have crept in hard. Your business revenue has started to mirror back to you the disconnect to meaning you feel inside.

Basically, you’ve landed yourself in the Meaning vs. Money F*ckloop.

It’s become either/or. 

Meaning or money.

This isn’t why you started.

How did I get here?

This isn’t what starting the business of your dreams was meant to look like.

If you’re like me, you’re here to see and create something profound, with major impact.

Something that builds news structures and paradigms for a more welcoming, abundant world.

Something that spreads light through the power of technology and the internet. 

Something that illuminates digital.

This is the kind of business development I’m down for, and that the world desperately needs.

My name is Adina Appelbaum and I am a business impact consultant, Accredited Financial Counselor®, immigration attorney, certified numerologist, and 3x social entrepreneur.

Adina Appelbaum

Adina Appelbaum, Esq. J.D., M.P.P., AFC®

I use my laser-focused lawyer brain, finance, marketing, and sales skills, and visionary claircognizant spiritual side to help people create a strategic plan to fully envision, actually build out, and manifest their purpose and vision – through their business.

Illuminate Digital® is where I integrate all the different skills and sides of me to do what I love the very most: helping entrepreneurs tap into deep meaning and serve directly from their purpose in their businesses, with the strategy and skills to make it happen.

Because, when we lead with meaning and purpose, money follows.

It gets to be both/and, instead of either/or.

Illuminate Digital® is my private 12 week coaching package combining weekly business coaching, unlimited chat support between sessions (M-F), and online video course modules. 

We work together to develop your business impact through the following key elements:

Illuminate Digital Framework

Inside of Illuminate Digital®, we’re going to work together to help you…

Purpose & People

  • Step into your personal power to get crystal clear on your unique gifts, purpose, and vision.
  • Know exactly who you’re meant to help and how you make the world a better place through your business, allowing you to access deep meaning, show up more consistently and effortlessly, and serve with more enthusiasm, leading to more abundance in time, success, and money.

Strategic Planning

  • Envision all the exact details of how you will effectively communicate and carry out your purpose with strong core foundations in your business so you can take courageous risks and allow yourself to be supported in carrying out your vision.

Profitable Success

  • Build out sturdy marketing strategies, sales skills,and effortless systems through weekly coaching calls and online trainings so you can grow your business in a way that sustainably builds financial security and peace of mind.
  • Cultivate an abundant money and business mindset to have unwavering faith even in the dark moments of business development so you can continue forward and make your greatest impact possible.

These elements – working together in unison – are the magic that leads to business impact: meaning and money. Both/and, instead of either/or.

Andrea went from being an Underutilized Advocate to an Abundant Healer

A client I did Illuminate Digital® business coaching for, Andrea, was dreaming of turning her business desires to help others into reality, but had no idea where to start.

She found herself stuck in a job that, while it allowed her to do good work advocating for people, sucked her energy dry, leaving her burnt out, disconnected, uninspired, overworking, feeling stuck and, frankly, underutilized in her potential. The daily weight of it all got so bad that she started having health issues no doctors could treat.

She feared never being able to make any progress on the business dream she fantasized about during her brief moments of hope in her off time. But it felt like either/or – she thought she had to either follow her dream (and struggle financially) or focus primarily on making money. 

She tried to fill the gap by volunteering and donating when she could, but it just didn’t scratch her need for deeper self-expression, meaning, and making the impact she knew she was meant to have on the world.

Working together, I helped her get crystal clear on her unique gifts, see exactly how her past experiences have prepared her to best help others, and develop her personal vision of how she is meant to make the world a better place through her healing and coaching business.

Then, we got to work to develop a laser-focused strategic implementation plan to actually build it and dive into marketing, sales, and systems training. We focused on leveraging the most effective and effortless approaches for her personal energy to balance doing making her business impact through a combination of strategy and selfless service, magic flow, and co-creation with the universe.

Andrea is now in more alignment than she’s ever been. She’s BOTH making a greater positive impact providing powerful healing services AND making more money than ever before in her business. She’s inspired, magnetic, and filled with energy, jumping out of bed each day, excited to continue building her vision to help heal people directly through her heart and business.

This is exactly how all businesses should be designed. Connected to the heart, focused on helping others, fueled by purpose, and oriented toward a crystal clear north star that makes the world a better place.

In Illuminate Digital®, making money is the natural result of building your business around your purpose.

So ask yourself, can you afford to NOT have these bedrock foundations in your business?

Can you afford to NOT get crystal clarity on your unique gifts and personal vision how you’re meant to make the world a better place through your business?

If you want to find out how growing a purpose-driven business can be possible for you without giving up money or meaning in the process, like Andrea, and laser-focused lawyer-brain strategic planning guidance on how to successfully build and implement it, then book a call to apply to join Illuminate Digital® and learn more.


 “I knew I wanted to start an online business to allow me to work remotely when I moved abroad to Portugal, but my biggest problem was I just didn’t know how to get started. Illuminate Digital helped me formulate an idea of what I might be interested to offer and allowed me to create a direction and vision for my own company. It educated me on several business concepts so that I feel more confident in how to move forward as an independent business owner. I am so grateful that I could use this program to help me gain momentum and I can’t wait to see my new brand flourish!”


“If you’re looking to launch a digital business I highly recommend you reach out to Adina at International Empowerment. She has empowered me to launch my own digital career coaching business. The Illuminate Digital Program is phenomenal!! Adina will guide you step by step on finding your niche, marketing strategies and address any mindset challenges. The program has helped me feel more at ease and confident about launching my business. Don’t hesitate to call her! You will not regret the results you will acquire while enrolled in this program.”

— Gaby

“I love the honesty and rawness that comes from our sessions. It is so much great information and thought provoking moments that comes from our time together!”


“My online business is possible thanks to Illuminate Digital. My business had been in my head for a while I just didn’t have the right tools to start, I’m glad I was able to find Illuminate Digital and the guidance to help to face the fears of not knowing what to do. I’m now more confident to learn more and keep working on my business. Everyone should sign up for their next program.” 

“I made another $700 sale today! Even before I could get to the offer itself during our call, he interrupted me and said “I wanna work with you!” and he shared that he had talked to one other resume writer and he didn’t like her approach (a really long questionnaire that he had to fill out) and felt a lot better about my approach, process, and interest in getting to know him. So that’s exciting! Once again, thank you Adina for helping people change their lives! This progress is validation of the gut feeling I had back when I joined. Even though my business was in its infancy, I invested in Illuminate Digital when I did (versus wait until things seemed more stable) because I had an intuition that I’d be further ahead at this time instead of trying to start from scratch. But while I knew that Illuminate Digital would help me carve out a path for my business, I had no idea that I’d actually be two sales in before the sessions were even over. It feels surreal, honestly. So thank you.”


“The course really helped me reflect and prioritize myself, my goals, and the whole truth of me…I finally committed to started my business…I was super motivated to fulfill my mission and what the universe is telling me to do. If you want to learn how to heal, start a business. Going through that has really been transformative for me to learn my patterns of behavior. I’m already starting to see I could work for myself.” 


“Adina’s coaching has helped me kick start my new goals in life. Since I started the program I’ve gotten the motivation to start my own LLC on my own and get my current side hustles organized into a legitimate business. There is an abundance of resources in the program that I will without a doubt continue to use even after coaching sessions are over.”