Financial Empowerment Strategy
For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Build your path to financial empowerment by upleveling your personal & business financial strategy in six weeks

Deep down, you KNOW you could be financially way better off than you are right now.

Let’s be honest – your expertise, skills, and professional accomplishments are simply undeniable. You are well regarded in your field. You’re an overachiever in all the best ways. Colleagues view you as an innovator.

There is insane potential that’s BURSTING to come out of you, but your finances aren’t reflecting that…yet.

Your heart KNOWS you can be helping so many more people than you are now…but your relationship with your finances is keeping you where you are, rather than where you’re ready to be.

You’ve already started working on your sense of self worth and ability to receive. You KNOW you deserve to make, manage, keep, and grow more money for all you already offer — and could offer — the world.

You want to make more money…and on your own terms.

In a way that feels good, that’s in alignment with your values, fulfilling, purposeful, and impactful.

You want a strong relationship with money and deep trust that it is always there to support you.

And you want the structures and systems to support you, to give you a solid foundation to expand from.

This is exactly what we can work on together in Financial Empowerment Strategy for Heart-centered Entrepreneurs.


Hi, I'm Adina

As a Financial Empowerment Strategist, I help you visualize all that’s possible for your finances and business, build and implement the plan to get there, and navigate past the mindset challenges and emotions that come up along the way.

My blend of financial and business strategy is centered around heart, people, impact, and purpose.

Through my varied background as an Accredited Financial Counselor, Social Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Immigration Attorney, Non-Profit Impact Leader, and Certified Numerologist, I help you create more money and expand your impact, all on your own terms.

Adina Appelbaum


Through my signature Wealth Builder Method, which I’ve been testing & refining for my own family for 10+ years now and have taught variations of to over 200 students through my work in Immigrant Finance, we’ll be setting up your financial empowerment systems & strategies that pave the way for your future security and greater impact as an entrepreneur

Join me in Financial Empowerment for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to level up your personal and business finances in just six weeks. 

Step-by-step lessons & 6 week coaching program officially begin in mid April
>> "Warm up" coaching begins as soon as you enroll

Financial Strategy for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs is primarily focused on financial strategy for your personal and business finances. The Program also encompasses business strategy and coaching since it simply doesn’t make sense to just focus on financial strategy as an entrepreneur.

The Program includes the following:

(1) Guided, step-by-step lessons walking you through my signature Wealth Builder Method to set up your financial empowerment systems & strategies that pave the way for future security and greater impact (unlimited access); 

(2) Two private zoom calls to help you customize and implement your financial empowerment strategy – one at the beginning and one at the end of the six weeks; and

(3) Intimate text and audio note small group coaching on my preferred coaching app, Telegram, throughout the 6 weeks (with pre-coaching beginning now, as soon as you sign up).